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Electrical Safety for Non-Electricians

An eye opening presentation of electrical safety issues and what to consider when managing electrical work and selecting contractors.

Speaker: Andy Meadows – Engineering Manager, Longcliffe.
Date: 16 May 2019

Local Exhaust Ventilation

Benefits and the mistakes people make.

Speaker: Anthony Krys - Western Air Ducts
Date: 11 April 2019

Dangers of Solar Radiation

Skin cancer cases are on the increase in the UK – and they’re rising faster than in the rest of Europe.
Every year in Great Britain, skin cancer caused by solar radiation exposure at work kills around 60 people, and there at least 1,500 new cases of non-melanoma skin cancer and 240 new cases of malignant melanoma.
Ultraviolet radiation is a risk that particularly affects outdoor workers, who receive 5-10 times the yearly sun exposure of indoor workers.

Speaker: Dr Lesley Rushton OBE, Emeritus Reader in Occupational Epidemiology, Imperial College London.
Tim Eldridge, IOSH Vice President
Date: 14 March 2019

Legal Update 2019

The legal update is our annual briefing on new and revised legislation and is a joint meeting with AOSH.
The session will provide a review of significant case law over the past year with commentary on any implications there might be for the safety profession.
This is a great opportunity to be updated on the latest legal happenings from two of the leading solicitors in their respective fields. They are both excellent speakers who will provide an amusing and intelligent review of the past year along with some good examples and explanations of legal cases and their outcomes (where known).

Date: 10 January 2019

The Shift that Changed our lives

Lisa Ramos will speak about the impact of her life-changing accident when she was hit by a forklift at work. Lisa and her husband David Garton will both present, offering their own perspectives of the consequences of a workplace accident, helping to bring home the importance of a strong health & safety focus for organisations and individuals, and give an insight into the long-lasting effects on family and friends.
Date: 8 November 2018

Grenfell Tower Fire

Andy Colby, Senior Compliance Advisor SPS-UK, discussing fire risk safety management and initial learnings from the Grenfell Tower disaster.
Date: 11 October 2018